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Crowdfunding Campaign for Human Voice Documentary Voice Messages Launches

Philadelphia-based, Emmy-winning Filmmaker Martin Zied Launched Campaign on June 11

Philadelphia, PA - Six-time Emmy-winning filmmaker Martin Zied launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on June 11 to help cover the final editing stage of his upcoming documentary film Voice Messages, about the unsung power and beauty of the human voice.

Voice Messages, Zied’s debut feature, will combine singing, speaking, science, sociology and history to examine the far-reaching impact of the human voice. Zied has already interviewed a diverse set of experts and performers. These include Grammy-winning recording artists Linda Ronstadt and Vince Gill; iconic cartoon voice actor Billy West (The Ren & Stimpy Show, Futurama); voiceover talent Andromeda Dunker (House Hunters, HGTV) vocal sound effects wizard Michael Winslow (Police Academy, Spaceballs); otolaryngologist Dr. Robert Sataloff; and Anne Karpf, the author of The Human Voice.

"I've been acutely aware of and fascinated by our voices since I was a child. I've come to see and hear that many of us are unaware of how important our voices can be in our personal relationships and work lives," said Zied. "Crowdfunding is the perfect fit for this film because of how it enables many 'voices' to participate."

Voice Messages will delve into the voice’s rich and diverse history, including the frightening and incredulous responses the invention of the telephone and the first recorded music and recorded speech inspired. The film will also examine the way voices continue to shape our contemporary lives, even sometimes in unprecedented ways, like GPS systems and telephone concierges.

The initial campaign goal of $12,500.00 will enable Zied to complete the final editing stage of production, enabling the team to cross the finish line on a project, which is the first feature documentary of its kind.

In exchange for their support, contributors can choose from a variety of rewards, including a voice over training session from Zied, an accomplished voiceover instructor, an invite for two to the premiere screening and an exclusive digital download of the film.  

The 30-day campaign launched on June 11th and will end on July 11th.  

For more information about the film, the campaign, and the campaign perks, visit VoiceMessagesDocumentary.com. Become a campaign backer or join the Voice Messages newsletter to receive updates about the campaign progress.


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