Voice Messages Indiegogo: It’s Go Time!

HUGE NEWS: Our Indiegogo campaign for Voice Messages is now live!

Voice Messages is a documentary all about the wonder and beauty of our most powerful instrument: the human voice. Check out the amazing group of experts and performers we’ve already interviewed--with many more lined up for future shoots. In order to expedite making the best possible film about an important topic, we need you.

Please visit the campaign page today and show your support for Voice Messages. We’ve got a wide range of perks to fit any budget level. Many are limited edition, so hurry! 


We’re calling on members of the voice industry as well as voice enthusiasts: please help us get the word out about our campaign. Follow us on social media and share our Indiegogo with your networks. We promise fun videos, blog posts, discussions, contests, and--oh yeah--way too many voice puns.

On that note, we invite you to put your money where your mouth is, so to speakand check out the Indiegogo page right now!