Thank You to Our Campaign Supporters

Dear Backers, Supporters, and Friends,

It’s been over a week since our crowdfunding campaign ended. Yet somehow, we’re still basking in the warm glow of gratitude. And I do mean all of us!

Our campaign’s final tally was $28,492 and best of all, we brought this in with the help of over 232 backers.

This is meaningful not just because it will allow us to continue production on our documentary, but also because of all the wonderful new voices that have joined the chorus of supporters.

I have been working on this project on my own for the past few years. I hoped it would resonate, but I couldn’t have imagined just how true that would turn out to be. It has been beyond exciting to connect with so many new supporters.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll keep you posted on our new shoots and next steps for the film and send out your perks--well, the ones that are ready now, anyhow. Be sure to watch out for our emails, since some of the rewards will be arriving digitally.

And since several folks have asked, it's not too late to contribute to the film--if you're interested, send an email to for more information.

Please do keep in touch via social media or email. We can always be reached at

Thank you again!

Martin Zied and the Voice Messages team

PS. A special shout-out to my team. Thanks for your hard work and support!